Building Private Cabanas

For those planning to host guests on their tropical island, being able to give them a sense of privacy could be done by building several private cabanas. They get the best of both worlds by being able to invite people, but they do not have them underfoot on a regular basis. Visiting for meals or entertainment is all part of the package, but being able to have coffee in the morning without conversation could be an advantage for both parties.

Small cabanas are a lovely way to add guest space that gives everyone their own area for sleeping, but they should be more than just a bedroom and bath separate from the main house. Each one should have at least a small kitchenette for snacks or light meals, and a private patio would be an excellent way for guests to sit and relax during the heat of the day or late at night when they are restless. A convenient path to the nearest beach area would be a plus for guests who prefer to swim without being watched over.

For those who want their guests to have enough space to stretch out, surrounding their cabanas with greenery is a good way to make them feel they have their own island within the main compound. Strategically placing trees and bushes can provide the appearance of privacy, and wandering garden paths could give guests a feeling of being completely on their own in paradise.

There are plenty of ways to help guests be comfortable when visiting any home, but providing them with their own small dwelling is one of the best. They feel they have been welcomed into a private compound, but they have the independence they might want to be able to enjoy the grounds and surrounding water in their own time.