Build in Stages

Developers planning an isolated resort know their guests will have great expectations, but they also realize their investors must be satisfied. Getting the resort built and open quickly is their goal, yet they know there will be delays due to shipping, natural hazards and even labor issues. Putting everything together without any issues is unlikely, so experienced developers have learned it is best to build in stages that can be used before the entire resort is complete.

A small resort might rely heavily on guests appearing only for the day, so they might concentrate on docking facilities, outdoor entertainment, and landscaping their beach areas. Food and drink will also be a priority, so creating the outdoor restaurants would be another facet of building that would be near the top of the list. It might seem the complex would lose money without the ability to house guests overnight, but that will be one of the final stages in many cases.

Tropical resorts are often open to people well before they can book a room or small bungalow. Many local boating businesses are encouraged to bring their charter guests by for a meal, or they might be a destination for the day. Beautiful beaches accompanied by full service restaurants would be an excellent draw for local charters, so good docking facilities are often one of the first installations.

Keeping guests happy on vacation often means giving them something to do, so entertainment facilities are necessary before they arrive. People on a tropical vacation are generally looking forward to spending time at the beach, so grooming it on a regular basis is part of the overall development plan. Adding tables and chairs with umbrellas will be a first step in providing for guests, and buying water sports equipment and hiring personnel to provide it will be a factor long before the rooms for overnight guests are started.